Christa Thompson was born & raised in Temecula Wine Country, circa 1976 before it was the renowned wine country it is today.  Back when more than just a  few cows roamed free and grape growing was just getting started.  Christa’s childhood and teen years were all about her love for horses.  Christa attended College at Humbolt State University.  Learned a lot and managed to have some fun along the way.  Christa took a ‘temporary’ job in food service and found passion for taking great care of people.   20 years later, that ‘temporary’ job turned out to be something she has a gift for, providing exceptional hospitality.

Baily’s restaurant in Temecula opened in 2002.  That’s when Tina and Christa met.
Now, about Tina…..
Tina was transplanted from Mission Viejo, CA in 1989 to Murrieta, CA.  The same year Rancho California became the city we know today as Temecula.  Tina found athletic success playing soccer for Temecula’s first AAA club soccer team.  She spent four glorious years in Santa Barbara, earning her BA in Sociology in 2001 at U.C. Santa Barbara. Similarly to Christa, Tina supported herself through college life as a food server. Who knew that her degree in Sociology would prove to be such a invaluable tool in the success of her career in hospitality.

Tina and Christa have been working together for 14 years.  Opening restaurants and wineries, running special events even a successful designer cake business. Together these ladies have taken their decades of experience in restaurants and successfully applied that to their Photo Booth business. They pride themselves for their friendly, enthusiastic and detail oriented services. Their passion for creating unforgettable  Photo Booth experiences is unmatched.

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